How to design your home with Feng Shui in mind

Beginner’s Guide to Feng Shui Bedroom Designs

Feng Shui may seem like a dated concept but it is actually more prevalent than one may think. Did you know the design of many famous buildings around the world incorporate an element of Feng Shui? Examples include City Hall in London, Sydney Opera House, and the famous skyscrapers in Hong Kong.

The literal translation of Feng Shui is wind and water. It is a principle that’s designed to balance the energies in a given place in order to assure greater fortune for people who live in it. Creating good Feng Shui for your bedroom does not require widespread changes.

Shrink Large Windows

The type, size, and quantity of windows could affect the type of chi that enters the bedroom. When there are too many windows or the windows are too large then the energy of the bedroom could be weak. One way to shrink large windows is by adding drapes or curtains to the window.

Minimize Electronics

Electronics may emit a type of energy that’s detrimental to the positive energy flowing through your home. The electronics in your bedroom could also be detrimental to sleep and relaxation. Unfortunately, not all of us live in homes that have extra rooms that can be used as study or office space. If there’s no other appropriate place to leave your devices, like computers and televisions, then consider covering the monitor with a piece of cloth at night.

Organize Your Bookshelf

The collection of books can make bookshelves a source of inspiration and wisdom. A disorganized bookshelf, however, could give off a messy vibe in the bedroom. To add Feng Shui to your bookshelves, consider clearing out books that you know you won’t ever read and organize the remaining books using a specific system. Maybe you want to organize the books by alphabetical order, color, category, or by weight.

Reposition Your Bed

A good Feng Shui bed placement should have your head and feet pointing to a solid wall and not a door or window. The wall that you place the bed headboard against should also not have a door. The above image gives an idea of good bed placement.

Downsize a Large Room

A large empty room may create a sense of restlessness. Make use of all the space you have by adding objects that’ll make your bedroom a better space. Examples include cabinets, positive artworks, and vibrant plants.

Choose Relaxing Artwork

Stay clear of artworks that either have a busy appearance or suggest a sense of anxiety and sadness. Such paintings can negate the Feng Shui energy needed to promote healing and balance. Instead, focus on placing relaxing artworks on your bedroom wall. While you are at it, you should also maintain the balance between artwork and empty wall space.

Avoid Hanging Above the Bed

Avoid hanging any objects above your bed, especially heavy objects like sculptures, as that could make for an unsettling sleep.

Decorate with Pairs

Consider placing bedroom objects in pairs to enable positive energies for your love life. Showing pairs may help create a feeling of intimacy. You could pair objects like artworks, sculptures, and photo frames.

Minimize Tall Ceilings

Just like a large room, tall ceilings could make a person feel small and vulnerable. Ceilings that have a height of 10 feet or above are considered high. To offset the imbalance of high ceilings, consider painting the ceiling a dark, rich color or help add more weight to the lower half of the bedroom by using pillows, vases, and rugs.

Low ceilings are also considered bad Feng Shui. If your ceiling height is below 8 feet then consider painting the ceiling a white or light color, and incorporate vertical lines like striped wallpaper.

Get a Headboard

Headboards could create a feeling of security and protection. A headboard with good Feng Shui is solid, made of wood, and has a protective shape. If you are looking out for a new bed then avoid getting one that has an open headboard or a headboard made of metal.

Keep Work Out

Just like electronics, any objects associated with work could make it harder to relax in your bedroom. Your bedroom should only contain the essentials.

As you can see, the smallest of rearrangements could help create better Feng Shui for your bedroom. With a new year under way, what better time than now to create a more harmonious environment in your bedroom?

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