Best under desk foot warmers to save on your energy bill

Best Under Desk Foot Warmers & Heating Mats

Ever find yourself nice and warm except for one part of the body? When you sit by the desk all day, you might start to get something called desk syndrome. Sitting down all day could decrease circulation, which in turn could make your feet feel cold.

Standing up and walking every half an hour could prevent desk syndrome but if you are truly looking to keep your feet toasty then why not get yourself an under desk foot warmer? This affordable device could provide maximum comfort and control for those who need to be at their desk on a cold winter day.

Top Under Desk Foot Warmers & Mats

Here are our recommendations on the best under desk foot warmers. We take into account factors such as comfort, degree of control, and energy efficiency.

Cozy Products Ergonomic Foot Warmer

We like this ergonomic foot warmer because the flexibility to adjust the position of the footrest allows it to be used in standing and sitting positions. Using this foot warmer can also help you save a lot the next time your heating bill comes along.

Serta Electric Foot Warmer

Slip your feet into this electric foot warmer for maximum comfort. Many foot warmers only come with two heat settings. This one comes with four! One apparent downside is its longevity. A few customers have complained that it stopped working after a couple of months of use.

Toozey Pet Heating Pads

Pet heating pads could work just as well as under desk foot warmers. This particular heating pad comes with two heat settings. Who knows? If you are a pet owner then you might have the added benefit of having your pet curl around your feet because they love the heating mat so much.

Foot Warmer Considerations

There are a couple of factors to consider when you buy an under desk foot warmer.

Multiple Heat Settings

Heat Setting

People who are more sensitive to different levels of heat may want an under desk foot warmer that comes with a number of different temperature settings.

Ergonomic Design

Some foot warmers and heating mats have an ergonomic design, which reduces strain and fatigue on the feet. A foot warmer that has an adjustable ergonomic platform may prove useful for those who find themselves in different sitting and standing positions.

Safety Mechanisms

This should be a must-have feature for all foot warmers. Some devices may come with an auto-off feature if the foot warmer has been on for too long. In addition to becoming a safety hazard, overheating may also reduce the shelf life of a foot warmer device.


Last but not least, make sure the foot warmer or heating mat is energy-efficient. One of the main points of getting such a device is to help keep you warm while reducing the heating bill at the same time. According to Cozy Products, their foot warmer uses 93% less energy than a standard 1500 watt space heater.

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