Best water heater blankets to save electricity and lower your energy bill

Best Water Heater Insulation Blanket to Lower Energy Bill

Do you see an exorbitant increase in your electricity bill every winter? Well, turns out your water heater is a prime suspect. Water heaters without proper insulation are made to work harder in order heat up the water. One cheap way to insulate the water heater is by wrapping it with an insulation blanket. Here are our recommendations.

Top Water Heater Blankets

1. M-D Building Products Blanket

This water insulation heater blanket is value for money. With an R value of 6.7, you could expect to see a notable decrease in energy used up by the water heater during the winter season. This blanket has a dimension of 48 in. x 75 in. so make sure it is wide enough to wrap around your water heater. The package also comes with adhesive tape.

2. Duck Brand Insulation Blanket

This water heater blanket consists of recycled cotton insulation and has the capacity to fit most heater units with a tank size of up to 60 gallons. Using this blanket is a great way to prevent the pipes from freezing overnight.

3. Low-E Water Heater Insulation Kit

This non-fiberglass insulation kit is covered in foil on both sides of the blanket. Some people may prefer to get this kind of insulation blanket because fiber glass may cause skin irritation. The aluminum tape that comes with the package makes it easy to attach this blanket to most water heaters. This blanket may support water heaters with a capacity of up to 80 gallons.

Water Heater Blanket Considerations

Insulating Water Heaters

Here are some factors to consider when you buy a water heater insulation blanket.

Size of Blanket

Make sure the blanket is big enough to wrap around the whole tank. A lot of people make the mistake of not measuring their water heaters beforehand. Also, lots of water heater blankets advertise by supported gallon capacity. That should, however, be taken with a grain of salt as the same 80 gallon tank, for example, may come in different shapes and sizes.

Material Blanket

The heater insulation blankets may incorporate a number of different materials. Fiberglass is one of the more common insulation materials, but as we mentioned earlier, it may not be suitable for everybody due to the risk of skin irritation that comes with it.

Ease of Installation

Most water heater insulation kits come with an adhesive tape. Some kits may also come with a strap to make it easier for you to wrap the blanket.

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